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The Four Obstacles To Success Of Your Online Business

The Four Obstacles To Success Of Your Online Business
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It's vital that you surmount a series of resistance points on your way to establishing a customer.

The four primary obstacles facing you are: NO TRUST - NO NEED - NO HELP - and NO HURRY

You'll want to handle each one in a specific order.

Nobody has any idea of who you are in the internet environment. It can be an uphill battle to motivate potential buyers to do business with you (a stranger) and risk losing in some regard.

A smooth and rapid technique for establishing trust is for you to provide something of real value to your website visitor at no cost to them. Your reader's mind is filled with questions and unkowns when they first come across your website.

Giving before you try to take (sell) something is a great resistance-buster. An example of a very valuable free gift you could offer is to produce a review of a popular and good-selling internet-based business plan.

A popular product that you would enjoy owning and using yourself is a great one upon which to base your report. No trust quickly loses its power when you provide this kind of free information. You are now ready for obstacle number two which is NO NEED.

The most straight-forward method of dealing with this no-need obstacle is to choose a product or service that has some great testimonials.

Once you begin to elaborate on the virtues of your product, your site visitor starts thinking about the issue of (NO HELP) which is actually obstacle number three.

At this point, your reader trusts you and is in more of a buying mode. However, some doubt remains as to whether what you have will really help them improve their life in some way.

This is the NO HELP obstacle trying hard to maintain its hold on your reader's mind. You will achieve great strides with this obstacle when you can point to the words of other people.

Now is the time to let your reader learn about the experience of others who found out for themselves how well the product worked for them and how it improved something in their lives.

The ease, wisdom and strength of your becoming an affiliate marketer begin to present themselves at this time.

When you begin your business as an affiliate, a huge number of hassles, worries and concerns are taken off your shoulders. Also, powerful obstacle-busters in the form of testimonials from happy customers are yours to use.

And a fast start with easier mastery of the hurdles can be yours when you begin your business as an affiliate for a proven product. Credibility and simplicity are there for you and many times you can get a 50% to 75% share of the selling price!

You are now in the position of three hurdles down and one to go. So you're now faced with obstacle number four, which is overcoming the natural human tendency to resist buying through the rationale of NO HURRY!

The best tools I've found to overcome NO HURRY are to instill a fear of loss that could be suffered if they don't act now. Develop the idea of limited time availability for your product as one way to combat this problem.

Even if the product has every appearance of being available for quite some time, the price could likely escalate. This is particularly true if you have selected a popular product to promote as an affiliate.

Two motivators that will work in your favor nearly all the time when well-used are price climbs and shortage of a popular product.

Your long-range focus should be one of building a sizeable list of loyal subscribers that can be a continual source of cash-flow for you. It's fun and financially rewarding (although challenging at first) to build an expanding list of responsive subscribers.

When you do, they will be your asset for years and years. You will get better and better all the time at overcoming the four obstacles. As you do, your responsive subscriber list as well as your business and income will grow.

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