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Use Email Instead Of Spyware As A Marketing Tool

Use Email Instead Of Spyware As A Marketing Tool
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In a world where sneaky tactics like spyware are used to gather product preference information and other valuable marketing tidbits, you don't need to lower yourself to that level to help increase your sales. Email can be just as effective a marketing tool as any underhanded method-and probably more so since it won't annoy people. In fact, at a recent event for florists called SAF (Society of American Florists) Naples 2006, Rich Finstein of CommPartners Inc. offered some excellent advice not only for florists but for any businessperson hoping to attract customers and raise their sales levels.

First of all, you must allow customers to sign up for email promotions and newsletters, and make sure they're aware of what they're signing up for. Otherwise, you're doing little more than spamming your customers, which could anger them and have the opposite effect of the one you're hoping for. Make sure your process for collecting email addresses includes asking your customers what kind of information they'd be interested in receiving. A florist might ask customers if they want information about arranging loose flowers, new gift items, or flower care. A store that sells software might ask customers if they'd like to receive information about educational software, business software, or entertainment software.

Once you've collected the email addresses of interested customers, be sure to put them to proper use. One great way to do that is to track items customers have purchased and send them promotions or information specifically talking about something they recently bought. For example, a florist might send a customer who recently bought roses a promotional email for an upcoming event centering around roses, such as a sale or a class on caring for them. When customers receive just a few emails from you talking about things they are interested in, rather than many emails that contain little content they care about, they'll pay more attention to the ones they do receive and take action.

Be sure to make your email campaign as professional as your other marketing strategies. Put the necessary time and effort into making sure the right messages reach the right people, and that they are well written and appealing when they get there. If you find that your click rates are declining, take a good look at the emails you're sending. Is there a way they could be improved? Or, perhaps you're sending too many emails and should cut back.

Finally, all emails should include a link for customers to follow to unsubscribe if they decide they no longer want to receive emails from you. Be sure you have a system in place for promptly removing anyone who clicks unsubscribe from the email list-continuing to send unwanted emails is almost as frustrating to customers as spam and spyware.

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Wesley Berry is member of the American Academy of Floriculture (AAF) and President of Wesley Berry Flowers, a successful multi-million dollar floral business that was established in 1946. As a member of the Henry Ford Hospital Community Relation Board he has contributed to the community at large. He owns both a brick and mortar and an internet flower delivery business. Visit Wesley Berry Flowerson the web at

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