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Fast And Easy Free Long-term Website Traffic Generation

Fast And Easy Free Long-term Website Traffic Generation
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It's a fact of life that without traffic, your website can't make sales. That makes traffic generation the top priority for many webmasters.

The sad thing is that we often make generating traffic to our websites much more difficult than it has to be. We also often make it more expensive in terms of time and other resources than it has to be.

Let me share with you just one quick traffic generation method that will generate an endless stream of traffic to your website.

One very successful method that I use, and that many of my mentors use, is to offer a free or low-cost service from your site. An example is to have some script on your site that generates code that other webmasters need to make their sites work better. It doesn't have to be webmaster tools though, it just needs to be something that brings visitors back to your site over and over again.

You could host games on your site. These could even be games where site visitors compete against each other.

You could host a recipe generator or recipe converter on your site.

You could host quizzes or interactive courses on your site. This would bring visitors back over and over again.

You could offer a file hosting and sharing service. Your site visitors would come to your site, upload files, and then access them from various places such as their Ebay auctions, etc. They would have a convenient place to point family and friends to for accessing their photos, etc.

With the file sharing and file hosting service, you could charge a nominal fee, and easily earn more than most people do at their regular JOB. You could also offer the service for free, and monetize your site by running your own ads, or by running ads through a service like Google AdSense (TM).

I love the file hosting idea because it is so simple, and it's something you can set up for under $20. You can grab the script needed to do this for $17, set it up, and have a traffic magnet in about an hour... if you're fast. You can get that simple, easy to install script at:

Back to the idea of offering tools that webmasters need... you can host "generators" on your site. Generators are software tools that "generate" code or products that others need. For example, you can host a press release generator, or a cloaked links generator. The possibilities are really endless, and most can be set up on your site fairly quickly.

For a ton of generators that can be set up on your site just by copying and pasting a few lines of html code into your webpage (where you want the generator to appear) check out this site:

When you really start thinking about it, generating free, long-term traffic to your website is a snap. For some reason, we just over-complicate it. We also often look at simple ideas like the ones I just shared with you and don't use them. They work, they're easy to implement, they're inexpensive, and you should be using them! Instead most people who read this will just keep foolishly looking for a bigger, more complicated, harder to implement, secret method :-)

Take advantage of this idea today, and I'll offer you a few more that are just as simple, fast, and easy in future articles.

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