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Your Roadmap to Success . . . a simple Business Plan

Your Roadmap to Success . . . a simple Business Plan
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Do you need a business plan? If you are running a home based business, you probably think you don't.

For you to get the most from your work at home career it would be wise to develop a business plan. If done correctly, not only will it show you where to go, but the process of building the plan is sure to open up avenues you have not previously considered, and your ride more enjoyable and more direct.

Before the business plan itself, you will have to dig deep and figure a few things out - not only about your business, but about yourself. Here are some areas to focus on:

Who are YOU? Consider what your purpose is in this home based business. What are your core values and how will they play a part in your career? These purposes and values are the foundation of the business you desire to build. Consider the following:

1. Look at your personal and business values, the ones you consider important, and decide which you desire to bring forward and actualize in your home based business.

2. Take a hard look at where you currently are. Are you happy or are you just gliding by? What do you desire to change?

3. Combine the past and the present and decide what your goals are for the future. Go for the gold, shoot for the moon here - think BIG, plan LARGE, and write it all down.

Formalize your goals with numbers. This is all about the bottom line - your current line as well as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow line. Work out a comprehensive list of numbers. Consider these factors:

1. Current and planned expenses. Be as exact as you can - this could include everything from your connection expense (for Internet home based businesses) to office supplies to mileage. Incorporate any current expenses as well as planned ones for the future.

2. Leave room for unplanned expenses. Yep, that's right - plan for the unplanned. It is important to take into consideration areas that may not be in your view at this moment in time.

3. Decide what you desire to earn. Not what you "think" you can earn - but what you DESIRE to earn. Again, go for it all!

Create an action plan. This will be the base for your business plan! By following the steps below, utilizing the information from above, you will build the primer for a business plan you can actually use for your work at home career.

1. Define your niche by focusing on your value. A rose by any other name is NOT a rose, no matter what the clichéd statement says! You need to focus on what makes your home based business unique, what value you offer that NO ONE else does.

2. Decide on a marketing plan. Even if you already have one, utilize your niche market to create a targeted plan for the clients/customers you desire.

3. Detail your budget. Review those expenses from up above, decide what changes need to be implemented, and form a thorough budget.

4. Goal planning and upkeep. Create your goals (short term, medium and long term) and then monitor them on a regular basis. Alter and shape your goals as you reach them, and continue creating new aspirations to strive for. Again, think BIG, plan LARGE. Always EXPECT to succeed.

5. Keep moving forward. Do not let yourself become stagnant. If you feel that happening, go back through all of the steps already listed. Revive your excitement for your home based business or your work at home job by continually feeding upon all successes. Small ones count!

By utilizing the above steps, you will find yourself in a far better position to actualize your dreams into reality. Do not forget that the business plan itself does not promise success for your home based business, however, continuously striving forward will. A business plan is merely the map to your goals - laid out in front of you with easy to read directions. The plan itself is already inside of you, you are just putting it down on paper so you do not lose your way.

Reach for the stars - after all, desire does not have limitations.

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Ruby River is the proud owner of an established, home based business with a system that cuts through the hype and presents a genuine opportunity to exceed your income goals working from home. Motivated, entrepreneur minded individuals, visit

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