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Searching For An Internet Home Based Business?. . . . The questions begin with you.

Searching For An Internet Home Based Business?... The questions begin with you.
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When I lost my long-term employment only then did I truly realize that I had a CHOICE. I consciously made the decision to work at home from the Internet.

First, let us acknowledge some of the reasons Internet home based business is BIG business:

  • Job security once taken for granted is declining due to outsourcing, company closures and cutbacks;

  • One parent deciding to stay home to raise their children. The lack of affordable child care is often a consideration. It does not make financial sense in many cases for both parents to work outside of the home;

  • Private sector pensions and personal savings are no longer adequate when it is time for baby boomers to retire. Having an Internet home based business well into our seventies is not all that uncommon, or

  • Some of us are just sick of working for someone else and want to enjoy the freedom of working for ourselves.

    Ok, you have made the solid decision of becoming a stay at home entrepreneur. With the vast services, products, information and opportunities the Internet offers becoming overwhelmed can be attained in an instant by a click of your mouse.

    I would like to suggest asking yourself a few questions and create some guidelines BEFORE you go about your quest of finding an Internet home based business. Your business is truly an investment in yourself.

    Write these questions and answers down. Have a dialogue with yourself. You may be surprised how they may vary after a week or so, or you may add questions to your list. The idea is to be conclusive no matter if it takes a day, a week or three months.

    The first question to ask is:

    1. What do I want to accomplish with my Internet business? What are my goals? This is not a redundant question. Be specific. Your goals are where it all begins.

    2. How much time can I, or am I willing to give to this home based business on a daily basis? Being very clear on your true time availability is necessary.

    3. What is my budget for my business?

    4. Do I want my business to be within an established company or do I want to be a totally independent entity with my own products/services? If you want to be totally independent then ........

    Your business could spring from an interest, talent or hobby that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Write them ALL down even if you dismiss them from the get go--keep an open mind. I am not a total believer in the "do what you love and success will follow" mind set being the cure all, but having a true belief in, or a passion for your products/services is essential.

    5. How knowledgeable am I about my products/services? Do I need to do more research? You certainly do not have to be an expert, but being knowledgeable is important.

    If you choose to work within a company, your choices are diverse as well. Additional questions could be.........

    6. How long has the company been in business?

    7. Are they reputable?

    8. Does the company have a strong structure (i.e. training, support, marketing strategy, automation system for payment, invoicing, etc?)

    9. Are their products/services something I can be proud of?

    10. Will I have to do any handling of the products?

    And, of course, include on your list other aspects you already know that you do, or do not want in a business.

    The process can feel daunting, but take your time, research and ask lots of questions. It is well worth the expenditure. Good luck!

    About The Author:

    Ruby River is the proud owner of an established, hybrid, Internet home based business that cuts through the hype and presents a genuine opportunity to fire your boss and exceed your income goals. Exclusively for serious, motivated, entrepreneur minded individuals, visit

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