Thursday, January 18, 2007

Afraid To Make Too Much Extra Cash With Your Computer?

Afraid To Make Too Much Extra Cash With Your Computer?
By Paul Megan

Among other wonders it can do, your computer is a fabulous cash machine. It's ready to make you extra cash! You're not afraid, are you?

OK. You've got this great computer with all the bells and whistles. But most people don't realize that they also have a marvelous cash machine as well. Or if they do, they think it's way to expensive and complicated to get involved in an home-based internet business.

But, what if I told you that with a minimal investment of your money and time you can own a home-based internet business that can generate a handsome income 24/7? Would you be interested?

And what if I told you that there are exciting, proven turnkey moneymaking programs that can have you up and running in a matter of minutes?

Actually, it's because of the remarkable advances in internet technology that you can now profit by putting your computer to work even while you are away on your day job or on vacation with your family. Some amazing opportunities have emerged in just the past couple years.

It's never been easier to be your own boss . . . to line your own pockets instead of someone else's . . . to run a lucrative business from home in your pajamas. For example, there are now unique moneymaking programs available which can generate multiple streams of income.

In other words, for a single modest investment, you can operate several cash cows with no additional time or energy commitment. The 21st Century opportunities have become a dream come true for lots of folks who would never have dreamed that there was such an easy way to fatten your bank account.

Now look, not all internet business start-up programs are equal. In fact, there are some scams out there that you need to avoid like the plague.

Actually there a 5 signals to watch out for. If any or all of these raise any flags in your thinking, better move on.

1. You're promised to get rich quick. Sadly these offerings can be very persuasive. But the only one who makes any money off these is the guy selling the program!

2. No money back guarantee. Any honest internet business offering understands that it's not going to work for everyone. You should be offered a money back guarantee with sufficient time to try it on for size (e.g. one month). If it's not working for you within that timeframe you have the option of requesting a refund.

3. No effort required on your part. You know, there has been an explosion in advanced internet business technology in the past couple years. That means that more and more of the technical tasks of starting up an internet business are automated. This is great for you. But you still have to be willing to spend quality time building your business--especiall y on the marketing side.

4. You make money by signing up a downline. These pyramid-like programs are big on hype. You're encouraged to sign up lots of affiliates who, in turn, are going to make money for you by signing up more affiliates. Problem is this scheme peters out fast because you're not marketing hard products or services that can generate income for you.

5. The hyped-up language is almost too good to be true. That's because it IS too good to be true. Nothing's for free if you're serious about making money. If you're not willing to make a modest financial investment and commit some quality time to work the program, then save yourself some grief and get out while you're ahead.

Like I said, there are some fabulous, top-rated internet business programs that have verifiable success statistics that you can trust. Many of these take advantage of the amazing advances in internet programming technology.

So, if you're ready to be your own boss--full-time or part-time--and line your own pockets for a change . . . and you're willing to follow through and follow up with some of the amazing moneymaking resources currently available . . . then this may be your lucky day!

Paul Megan writes for Executive Excellence International, the world-class pioneer in alternative career advancement strategies . . . since 1985. Grab our stunning FREE REPORTS http://www.eei- amazing-income. com

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