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10 Ways Of Automating Your Business

10 Ways Of Automating Your Business
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An Internet business is the ultimate way to put your business on autopilot and not only make money but also have the freedom to enjoy your business. It is critical for the prosperity of your business and your sanity to automate your enterprise as much as possible.

Your computer is your greatest business partner but have you ever thought about how many ways you can use it to automate your business? In business time is money and the less time you have to spend battling with everyday tasks the smoother your enterprise will run. Your computer can help you in more ways than you may have thought of. Here are some things that it can help you with to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

1. Tracking your customer database, this can all be done with your computer. You can do this with office software like Microsoft word and keep all information on an excel sheet. In this way you will be able to see at a glance customer sales and conversions, who bought from you and when.
2. Speed and convenience: An important part of this computerized database is of course the convenience:

  • Not having to keep files full of paper work
  • Being able to look up anyone in your database quickly, either on your excel sheets or on your autoresponder. This will save your valuable time
  • Making flow charts based on your database records. This will alert you to trends and help you track your promotions and business progress

    3. Mailers: You can then load your entire list to your autoresponder from your database and use it for automated follow-ups and mailers. These are powerful marketing tools that can be set to go out automatically and will close many backend sales for you.
    4. Accounting: One of the biggest headaches in business is managing your business budget. With software like Quicken this is easy to do. Again automating this will be a big time saver and will enable you to save money by keeping abreast of your company finances.
    5. Desktop publishing software will save you 1000s on marketing design. Logos, brochures, leaflets, flyers and even your own newsletter template can be done quickly and well with this software.
    6. Information please: Of course do not forget to harness the Internet with your computer. There is a wealth of information about your industry and more. Keep up with trends and hot news about your industry with free to join business forums articles and websites, Google News etc. You will save tons of money and time when you build your own library of knowledge like this.
    7. Set up your payment system: This will handle offline and online orders automatically. There are several systems you can use but always have 2 to avoid any breakdown in your system.
    8. Affiliates: If you have your own product set up your own affiliate program to automate your sales.
    9. Joint Ventures: Do some long term Joint Ventures to complete your automated sales system.
    10. Affiliate programs: Affiliate for some related programs and take advantage of a true automated income.
    As you can see from these simple points it is easy to automate your business. When you do this you will have more time to develop ideas to market and build your enterprise without having to be continually stuck on time-consuming tasks.

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