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Using Forums And Business Networks To Market Your Business

Using Forums And Business Networks To Market Your Business
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Forums are a very important part of your business that many people overlook. They are good sources of knowledge. A place where you can show your expertise and yes there are ways to market your business without blatant advertising.

Common Reasons Why People Do Not Get Involved In Forums

1. No time: This is a common excuse, but you only need 1 hour at the most to spend on your favorite forums and you are done. Do not visit too many but try to visit a couple daily

2. Do not allow advertising so what is the point? Soft sell is the key. You will add your small signature and website URL to every post. Plus you sell yourself as an expert when you answer questions

3. Posts are not related to my market and business. Find the right Forum that your market will visit

4. I just do not like voicing my opinion to strangers! Business success depends on partnering and being sociable. A stranger today can be your loyal customer tomorrow.

Why You Should And Must Get Involved With Forums And The Business Community

1. No man or women is an island. This includes your business. Go out there and make contact, because you never know where you customer might be lurking.

2. Learning experience. You will get answers to your questions. Knowledge is power and you will develop your business more effectively.

3. You will get targeted visitors and even links to your site -with your sig and website URL after every post. Make interesting and informative answers to questions and people will follow your link, and visit your site.

4. You will keep up with the trends and hot topics in your business field. This is very important for your business to progress and develop. You will be able to stay ahead of your competition this way.

5. Get known as an expert in your field-answer questions

6. Get ideas for your next newsletter article. Originality will keep your readership up and unsubscribe rates low. Readers love info articles on the latest trends and market fads.

7. Website Sales Copy evaluation- do not do this too often but it can be quite an eye-opener.

8. It does not cost you a penny!

Some Things Not To Do On Forums

1. Blatant advertising. This is a big no on forums you can do just as well promoting with your signature and website URL at the bottom of your post

2. Voicing controversial opinions: This will lead to lengthy and time-consuming discussions, you cannot afford the time. You will also risk making unnecessary enemies, not something to do in business.

3. Getting involved in lengthy discussions

4. Getting off topic. Keep on topic do not ramble or tell lengthy stories. Short stories to illustrate points are good.

5. Posting to topics that will not benefit your business. do not waste your time always have the end in mind, which is to alert more people to your website

6. Not targeting your forum. make sure the forum addresses topics related to your business and market.

Things That You Should Do On Forums

1. Answer questions that you know about-help others and prove your expertise in your field

2. Use your signature and website address at the end of every post-this will encourage people to visit your site.

3. Limit your time to just 1 hour a day so that you do not get carried away and spend too much time on the forums. Remember in business time is money.

Forums are a fun way to promote yourself and your business. When you follow these simple rules you will be able to have fun and develop your business into a profitable enterprise.

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Constantin Chersin is an entrepreneur specializing in software and web development. For more information about his services and how he can help you promote your business, please visit
Constantin is also the publisher of the free marketing newsletter "IT Pro Vision."

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