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10 Shockingly Simple Web Copy Secrets Anyone Can Use Instantly

10 Shockingly Simple Web Copy Secrets Anyone Can Use Instantly
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What are the web copy secrets you need to know to convert prospects to paying customers? Don't spend hours laboring over your copy. There are simple, instant tools you can use to develop great copy in minutes... not hours. What are they?

1. Sign your web copy using your handwritten signature. Just scan your signature and publish to your page. How hard is that? It lends a certain personal touch to all you do, and helps make you seem "real."

2. Use lots of testimonials, with pictures. People want information from real people, others than tried your products and know they work.

3. Keep it simple. Keep your language so simple an eighth grader can read it. The more complicated, the less you will sell.

4. Add articles and reviews of your products. Just insert this information within your copy. People want to know your material is valuable and works.

5. Offer free products for buying your primary product. Try using information marketing products when possible. A free CD is worth a thousand words.

6. Have someone well-known endorse your product. If you do not know anyone personally, hire someone other people have heard of. Most people feel more secure buying from someone they know.

7. Use questions to get your customers thinking. Not complicated questions, just simple yes or no questions. Are you broke? Do you need money? Do you want the solution to your problem? Are you short on time?

8. Include many bullets throughout your copy. Tell your customer specifically HOW your product fills their need, and what BENEFIT they will get from it.

9. Be specific. Use numbers. For example, 3 simple ways you can win. 3 top tactics for overcoming poverty. You get the idea.

10. Tell your customers you appreciate them. Nothing charms customers more than the knowledge you actually care about their needs.

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A former college dropout, Dan Lok transformed himself from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to a multi-millionaire. Today, Dan is one of the most sought-after business mentors on the Web, as well as a best-selling author. His reputation includes his title as the World's #1 Website Conversion Expert. To find out what Dan is up to now, visit him at:

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