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How To Succeed In Being Organized

How To Succeed In Being Organized
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Are you disorganized? Do you have piles of stuff? Is time wasted searching for missing items? Do you overlook appointments? Are you missing due dates for your bills? Do you work too many hours due to the disorganization? Is being disorganized keeping you from doing the things in life you truly love? As well as preventing you from spending more time with the people you love?

Agonize - Are you agonizing over your disorganized situation? Does this bring about tension and stress in your everyday life? Is your blood pressure out of control? Are you heading for a disaster? Are you agonizing over what to do and feeling overwhelmed and out of control of your circumstances? No clue where to begin?

Realize - Did you answer any, or all of the above questions with yes? If so, you may now be fully aware of your dilemma and are possibly ready to find answers to assist you.

Analyze - Let's begin to determine the nature of your issues. What precisely is it you are struggling with? Is it the mail? Paperwork? Managing your time efficiently? Make yourself a list.

Strategize - Now you must set your course of action. How will you incorporate your list effectively?

Familiarize - You need to acquaint yourself with your individual situation. Unique items on your list need to be analyzed thoroughly. Having done your familiarizing, now your goals need to be set . {sorry, another list} Which items need to be earmarked urgent? Rearrange your first list from the most significant to the least important. {the junk drawer probably doesn't need to be at the top}.

Organize - Start your process of getting organized, by taking a long hard look at the number one position on your second list. What exactly do you need to do to accomplish this task?

Let's practice with this example: a pile of papers. Have your shredder within arm's reach. Anything needed to be shredded goes directly there, not in a pile. Your garbage can is the next necessary item of use. All garbage goes in the garbage. NOW.

Arrange the papers by categories. For example, bills, how to manuals for appliances, insurance information, kids school papers, junk mail, etc. Don't touch that junk mail more than once. It's shredder or garbage material.

Number one, you now have less paper. Number two you have now begun to see what kind of files or systems you need.

Personalize - Building a system that is personalized for you and your individual needs.

We all have different 'papers'. Therefore, we require distinctive systems personalized just for us. Believing firmly, keeping it simple is the best way to go. This way we eliminate a 'to be filed' pile. Utilizing simple a method does just that. It remains simple, therefore you are apt to apply the technique.

Optimize - your system making it as functional as possible. Denoting, it works for you and your situation. After all, if you didn't use a system before, how could a complicated structure work now? You may make changes as time goes on, that's OK.

Finalizing - finally! Do you need a file for insurance policies? Auto, home and life policies can all be in one file. Anything needed for tax purposes, together. Keeping it simple! Everything hinging now on your ability to follow through.

Stabilize - your system and utilize it to your fullest advantage. Open the mail at your garbage can and shredder. File, as papers arrive. Remember, you have a effortless system. You identify with it, you designed it!

Energized - by your accomplishment? More content and less anxious, as well. Those piles won't be staring you in the face! Your achievement is exhilarating. Be proud!

Capitalize - on your new found freedom. Utilize your time on other things in your life. Enjoy! Rejoice! YOU did this!

Generalizing - Remember, organizing takes time. You'll have a bigger mess during the process. Take baby steps. Organize one area at a time, by means of the above method.

August 2006

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